refreshed sheepdrove conference centre


Sheepdrove will be even brighter and more beautiful the next time you visit thanks to a nice new lick of paint for the green building that is home to our sustainable wedding and events venue!

Many thanks to local Swindon based business Coveys Painting & Decorating who oiled the wooden cladding and painted the tower and windows.

A “green building” is a building that, in its design, construction and operation, reduces negative environmental impacts and creates positive environmental impacts. The four principles of green building design are sustainable building materials, energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, water efficiency, and daylighting and natural ventilation for a healthier indoor environment. All the new timber used at Sheepdrove, from the Douglas Fir frame to the Red Cedar cladding and shingles were sourced from from responsibly managed and renewable sources, while materials from the demolition of the redundant buildings were re-purposed and chalk from the excavations was used to create the “rammed earth” walls

Sheepdrove is also is both operationally net zero carbon (the same amount of energy taken from the grid by the building is returned to the grid from the energy produced on site) and also carbon neutral (reduced energy consumption plus the use of low carbon emission energy through onsite energy generation and no energy used from non-renewable sources).

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