Our Green Credentials

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Just over 10 years ago we committed to reducing our climate impact and installed 600 solar panels on nearby buildings to power our events venue. But we knew that in burning gas for heating we weren’t achieving our aspirations. We made a huge investment to improve our carbon footprint and our venue is now heated by a ground source system that draws energy from a nearby field. This innovation has allowed us to iradicate any direct emissions from powering our venue. Combined with using 100% renewable energy we are a net zero venue. In fact we have a net positive climate impact as we reduce emissions through exporting renewable energy generated by the two wind turbines and 900 solar panels on our organic farm. In November 2022, we were certified as Net Zero Operational Carbon Building 2022 according to the UK Green Building Council “Net Zero Carbon Buildings: A Framework Definition” standards by community interest company Better Century consultancy and online community.

Sheepdrove's Green Credentials

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We are delighted that Green Tourism’s independent assessors have awarded Sheepdrove the Green Meetings Gold Award and the Green Tourism Gold Award after a wide range of criteria from energy, water, waste, procurement, awareness and community involvement were examined. For over 25 years Green Tourism has promoted a greener, cleaner environment for people, places and our planet by recognising and supporting the eco-friendly achievements of businesses and organisations with their internationally respected sustainable tourism accreditation that is in fact the only national certification process endorsed by the UK National Tourism agencies. In June 2021 Green Tourism, who are a not-for-profit organisation, created a new standard specific to meetings and event venues, the Green Meetings Award certification programme.

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Choosing an environmentally aware venue that takes sustainability seriously will help cut the carbon footprint of your event. Our events venue was opened nearly 20 years ago by the HRH Prince of Wales, now King Charles III, to celebrate on one of the most sustainable venues in the country. Our green building was constructed with sustainable building materials, extracted water from the local aquifer and cleaned its waste water through its own reed bed system. Today it is powered exclusively by 100% renewable green energy and employs many sustainability practices which further reduce the environmental impact of events at Sheepdrove. Our events team are officially ‘Carbon Literate’ after successful completing Carbon Literacy Training and can advise on simple steps to achieve an eco friendly event that protects our planet. Interested in giving back? Please get in touch for more information about Green Activity Days.

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