Green Venue Hire

Green Meetings at Sheepdrove

At Sheepdrove we are working to become as environmentally friendly as possible. We can all reduce our impact on the environment by making sustainable choices. As an event organiser you have an important role to play in helping us to be the most sustainable venue possible.

Simple steps you can take to help reduce the carbon footprint of your event

  • Encourage your delegates to travel by public transport and taxi/minibus or car share
  • Produce all written communication, brochures, conference packs and meeting hand outs electronically and, where this is not possible, choose recycled paper and print on both sides
  • Offer writing pads made from 100% FSC recycled paper and pencils or recycled marker pens
  • Conserve energy by asking your AV technicians to switch off equipment and lighting when not required
  • Allow us to advise you on local and green suppliers
What makes meetings at Sheepdrove “green”?
  • 100% renewable green electricity used for lighting and heating

  • Ground source heat pump harvests heat from the earth to power the central heating system

  • Meeting rooms with a natural cooling and ventilation system powered by renewable energy to use as few resources as possible to heat and cool so no wasteful air conditioning required

  • The event spaces and on site accommodation on our organic farm allow delegates to get closer to nature and refresh their connectivity with the natural world

  • Income from events at Sheepdrove directly funds our climate positive actions with income received reinvested into nature conservation and renewable energy projects

  • Abundant natural light throughout interior combined with energy efficient LED lights

  • All waste water treated through a grey water reed bed recycling system and constructed wetland

  • All water used is from a farm spring; it is regularly tested and free from added chemicals

  • Water from our farm spring is filtered, carbonated and served in glass bottles so no bottled water need be brought onsite avoiding the waste of plastic/glass bottles and carbon released by delivery and collection

  • Drinking glasses and mugs are freely available for visitors to reduce the need for disposables

  • Organic milk in glass bottles from a local organic dairy farm Berkeley Farm Dairy

  • Organic Soy Milk from B Corps Rude Health

  • Organic Fairtrade coffee from independent roaster Grumpy Mule

  • Organic Teabags from local family owned tea merchants Dragonfly Teas

  • Menus freshly prepared by local caterers with locally sourced ingredients that have travelled the shortest distance possible

  • Waste materials from meetings sorted and recycled by a licensed waste collection

  • Only eco-friendly cleaning products and sanitisers produced by local social enterprise Oxford based SESI Refill and sourced from local micro business Thatcham Refillable to reduce plastic waste

  • Handwash made with ethically sourced ingredients and handmade in the UK by Neals Yard Remedies who supply us with factory seconds to reduce waste

  • Tables, chairs and staging are included in venue hire saving on transport delivery

  • To reduce wastage, as standard we do not offer pens and paper.

  • Tipis for outdoor events available from partner, Forest Edge Tipis, based on site; 100% renewable energy is available in the tipi paddock and the tipi meadow so no need for generator hire

  • The venue is a green building design with non-toxic and ethically sourced sustainable materials such as Douglas Fir timber frame, rammed chalk wall and Western Red Cedar shingles

  • As a building with reduced energy consumption along with use of low carbon emission energy through onsite energy generation and no energy used from non-renewable sources, Sheepdrove’s event venue is carbon neutral and operationally net zero

  • Sheepdrove has achieved the Green Meetings Gold Award, a new standard for sustainability in meeting and events spaces run by Green Tourism.