Access Guide

We’re committed to making all aspects of your visit to Sheepdrove enjoyable, universally welcoming and physically accessible. We believe that promoting equality and treating people fairly and with respect and providing the best access possible are essential components of our status as a green events and wedding venue. We have an on-going commitment to provide the best possible experience for all visitors and take steps to address any inequalities in the services and facilities we offer.

To discuss any access-related enquiries you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
01488 674 747

The Venue

Sheepdrove has step free access to an accessible toilet, the event spaces and the dining area on the ground floor. Our smaller event space, upper dining room and gallery is accessible via a lift.

Transport Links

We are able to refer you to a taxi service that is accessible for wheelchair users.

Parking Guide

Designated accessible parking spaces with clear signage are available close to the venue entrance. There is block paving to allow for easier transfer from car to wheelchair. It is always possible to drop passengers directly outside the main entrance. If you require more information about disabled parking please contact us.


Guests with disabilities are able to access the venue in the same way as other visitors. We do not have ramps for wheelchairs for the front entrance but provide assistance if required.

Venue Reception

Our reception desk is not too high for people in wheelchairs.


Our venue has an accessible toilet for guests with disabilities which is conveniently located on the ground floor near to the lift.


The lift doors are wide enough for a wheelchair and one other person. The lift’s buttons at a suitable height for wheelchair users.


The ground floor event spaces are easily accessible and not down narrow corridors. There is enough space between aisles in the event spaces to allow for an easy entrance and exit for any wheelchair users. The second floor event space is accessible via a lift.


The combination of abundant natural daylighting and electric lighting accommodates visitors with visual impairment; any interpreters and lip readers can clearly seen.


The acoustics are excellent and there are no echoes in the rooms; cause problems for people with hearing impairment.

Fire Exits

Fire exits can be accessed by everyone, including wheelchair users. Fire alarms are visible and audible to everyone and visitors are made aware of where the fire exits are located should they need to evacuate.

Guide and Service Dogs

We welcome guide dogs and service dogs in our pet friendly venue and accommodation and there is easy access to water and open space.

Our Website

Our aim is to ensure our website is accessible to as many visitors as possible regardless of their ability or technology. We are committed to increasing our website’s accessibility and are currently investigating website accessibility experts to rectify these accessibility issues. We welcome suggestions to make our site more accessible for all users. Please get in touch if you are having difficulty accessing our site.