Terms and Conditions

Natural Burial Ground  - Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions have been devised to ensure that the Sheepdrove Woodland Burial Ground remains as wild and natural as possible. The site will be maintained to ensure full access, whilst maintaining the wild nature of the site. It is a natural burial ground and not treated or managed as a garden. 

We ask that when you are visiting the burial ground you are sensitive to others, enabling everyone to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the site. All dogs to be kept on leads and all litter taken away with you. 

It is important to read all terms and conditions carefully prior to agreeing to and signing this document. If you are not comfortable with conditions detailed below, a natural burial may not be right for you.

You, as the plot holder agree to the following: 

  • To use a biodegradable coffin/shroud made with natural materials 
  • Not to embalm the body 
  • Not to clear undergrowth or bring soil or additional materials to the site 
  • Not to plant anything without consulting Sheepdrove in the first instance 
  • Not to place any permanent signs or features on the plot 
  • No plastic coverings or artificial flowers/ribbons can be placed on the plot 
  • Flowers can be left entirely in their natural state

Sheepdrove Organic Farm & Natural Burial Ground agree to the following: 

  • To provide GPS markers to enable you to locate the section where your plot is situated 
  • To maintain a map with plots marked on it  for ease of location 
  • To keep a Burial Register 
  • To guarantee that a plot can be provided next to a loved one if required (note that it is not possible to double dig a plot) 
  • To ensure that the maintenance of the site is set in perpetuity as a Memorial Woodland

These terms and conditions do not create any right of exclusive occupation or any freehold interest in the land by you as the plot holder. You will be informed of any change of contact details to keep your records updated. 

For more information call us on 01488 674747 or  complete an enquiry form . See also our  FAQs  or download the full brochure.