Natural Burials

Natural Woodland Burials at Sheepdrove Organic Farm

Situated in a designated 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty', located high on the Berkshire Downs is our woodland burial site offering natural, environmentally friendly  burials, an alternative to conventional burials or cremations - sometimes referred to as green burials or eco-burials. The site enjoys an elevated position with glorious views of our organic meadows and the surrounding valleys, and provides a tranquil final resting place among natural beauty.

The Natural Death Centre

We are members of The Association of Natural Burial Grounds (ANBG) which has been established by The Natural Death Centre. This means we comply with the ANBG Code of Conduct aimed at ensuring the highest professional and environmental standards, which means we provide our customers assurance of best practice.

A quiet, calm and peaceful burial site

The woodland burial site is situated in a very private tranquil area of Sheepdrove Organic farm in Lambourn, West Berkshire and close to the borders of Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Hampshire. Being just 15 minutes from the M4 it is also easily accessible from London and Bristol and all other nearby towns such as Newbury, Swindon, Reading and Oxford. 

Family and friends can enjoy peaceful reflection where the native woodland and surrounding meadows becomes a lasting tribute to those buried. The natural burial ground is open all year round for people to visit - we have no restrictions at all. Visitors are welcome to come and go as they please; the paths through the woods provide a peaceful place for a reflective stroll, or there are ancient footpaths and by-ways to enjoy across the wider landscape of the farm.

A green and eco-friendly burial ground

The site is on 4.5 acres of organic farmland and is planted with established native trees and surrounded by mature hedgerows. Seasonal wildflowers abound, including cowslips, oxeye daisies, pink campion, lady’s bedstraw, wild marjoram and scabious. The site allows both full burial and ashes interment in an undisturbed final resting place. Only 100% bio-degradable materials are allowed to be buried. Wool, cotton, wicker, cardboard are all acceptable. Coffins or shrouds can be used.

Services and catering

The Eco-Conference Centre which is less than 1 mile from the natural burial ground has versatile rooms, from small intimate spaces to the large vaulted Oak Room which can accommodate up to 150 guests. Tractor and trailer transport can be provided. Refreshments and catering, whether something simple from a cup of tea and a biscuit or formal dining can be provided, using fresh seasonal organic food from the farm.

Visit and contact us

Choosing the final resting place that is right for family or indeed yourself is naturally very important.  If you are thinking of choosing our natural burial ground we welcome you to make an appointment to visit us for a guided tour, to see for yourself exactly what it looks and feels like. We provide a sensitive and highly personal service and are happy to answer as many questions you might have. We are able to advise and co-ordinate as much, or as little, as you need and we can also put you in touch with other relevant professionals.

For more information and to check availability call 01488 674747 or email